Dog 'n Cat Records (DAC-001/050)

Now We Need You More Than Ever (DAC-001) 2CD1981.10.15Something Old Something Blue (DAC-002) 2CD1981.10.18Still Life In Hartford (DAC-003) 4CD1981.11.9+11.10Sweet Home Chicago 1981 (DAC-004) 3CD1981.11.22+11.24Guitar Onslaught(DAC-005) 2CD1981.12.14When The Whip Goes Down (DAC-006) 2CD1999.3.22Paris Mutch (DAC-007) 1CD1965.4.18+1967.4.11Dallas Rehearsals 1972 (DAC-008) 2CD1972.6.23 RehearsalsFrenc...

Dog 'n Cat Records (DAC-051/100)

As Tears Go By (DAC-051) 4CD2006.3.22+3.24The Trident Mixes (DAC-052) 1CDStudio RecordingsDer Weltmeister Im Baumklettern (DAC-053) 2CD2006.7.18Hannover Street (DAC-054) 2CD2006.7.19Bang In Berlin / To Be With The One You Love (DAC-055) 2CD2006.7.21All The Way To Dusseldorf (DAC-056) 2CD2006.7.23For Your Precious Love (DAC-057) 1CDStudio RecordingsLittle S&M (DAC-058) 4CD2006.9.27+9.29Swayed In Gl...

Dog 'n Cat Records (DAC-101/150)

Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out Complete! (DAC) 1CD1969.11.26-28It's Just A Kiss Away (DAC-101) 2CD1970.8.30+10.5Going' Back To The Roots (DAC-102) 2CD1972.7.6+7.5Paris Results (DAC-103) 2CDStudio RecordingsSheep Dip Blues (DAC-104) 1CDStudio RecordingsBetter Results (DAC-105) 1CDStudio RecordingsWhat Am I Livin' For (DAC-106) 1CDStudio RecordingsThe Pain Of Love (DAC-107) 1CDStudio RecordingsThe Emotional Re...


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