Sister Morphine Records (MORPH 01/50)

Live At The Double Door (MORPH 01) 1CDR1997.9.18 Stoned In Rio de Janeiro (MORPH 02) / They'll Stone You In Rio de Janeiro, Too (MORPH 02-S)2CDR 1998.4.11Radio San Diego 98.3 FM (MORPH 03) 2CDR1998.2.3 Women, Wine & Song (MORPH 04) / (MORPH 04 2nd editon) 2CDR1997.11.22Rockin' The House Down In Bremen (MORPH 05) 2CDR1998.9.2He Didn't Rat Me Out! (MORPH 06) 2CDR1997.11.19Live'r Than You'll Ever B...

Sister Morphine Records (MORPH 51/100)

Tour Of The Americas '75 (MORPH 51) 3CDR1975.6.27The Steel Wheels Sessions (MORPH 52) 1CDRStudio RecordingsMuddy & The Boyz (MORPH 53) 1CDR1981.11.22One Late Night At The Forum (MORPH 54) 1CDR1969.11.8 (2nd show)She Was Hot, Hot, Hot! In Oakland (MORPH 55) 2CDR2006.11.6She Was Hot, Hot, Hot! In Atlantic City (MORPH 56) 2CDR2006.11.17Our Last Concert(s) Ever (MORPH 57) 2CDR1964-1967Unabrupt Dirty W...


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